About AC

Assetcoin is here to give users the opportunity to take control of their social media activities while earning monthly income, we are building a social media app with an inbuilt marketplace using AI to accelerate the user’s connections for services. We want to transform social media by enabling users to earn money off their social activities and also powering AI-Based integrated service providers marketplace. We will use staking / MasterNode to reward users and our reward system will be the best and no new coin will be produced.

Direct-To-Users Decentralize Platform

Users will have complete right to earn from the internet, as long as you have some assetcoin for staking, you will earn monthly.

You also get clients who needs your service or hire a professional from the AI powered marketplace. it will be easy to add funds to your wallet and convert it to AC and use to order, service provider gets paid in AC and can easily exchange AC to fiat and withdraw to bank.

Users who write blog post, comment on posts, like post etc will earn Assetcoin and once they reach $1000 worth AC they can turn their AC to Asset by transferring them to our blockchain for staking, then earn monthly income.

Social media Problem & Solution

Below are some social media problems and solution


Advertising Cost
  • Is the cost of ads on social media high? Advertising on social media needs good capital to get good ROI.
  • High CPC during ads
  • You must fund before you can run ads, you can't earn to run ads


Free or Low Advertising cost
  • AC social media? As long as you have AC you can advertise your business free.
  • Low cpc and high clicks
  • You can earn AC by being active on the App, you can use the AC earned to promote your business free


No Rewards for your activities
  • You are not rewarded on the social media of these days, you only spend time for just fun


You Earn enough cash free
  • You are rewarded with Assetcoin, you can either buy assetcoin and earn monthly income through staking and masterNode or you earn from the social platform and then use it to stake

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 40%Product Development
  • 40%Branding & Marketing
  • 20%Admin, Legals & Business Development
  • 7.5%Token sale
  • 3%Angel investor
  • 2%Advisors
  • 15%Team
  • 50%Community & Ecosystem development
  • 12.5%Foundation Reserve
  • 10%Treasury

Read Our Documents

Here is our full documents that help you to understand about us. And lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

The Four Pillars Of AssetCoin

Why AC, okey, check the four powerful pillars of assetcoin

Social Platform

Our social media platform will have stunning UI and UX, with facebook and instagram kind of features but with inbuilt service providers marketplace


Our MasterNodes will help power Assetcoin Blockchain and in return you earn 20% of AC they hold.  we are going to reward the best way


By staking your AC, you help us to perform transactions faster and efficiently, you get rewarded 10% every month, the is an opportunity to Earn


Treasury is our self funding platform, we send cash into the treasury every month in order to have enough funds to keep promoting the platforms


Our team are working hard to accomplish a whole lot for the betterment of the project and increase the spread of AC and it’s value including the social media.

2020 Q1
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assemble
2020 Q2
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Strategic Plan
2020 Q3
  • Platform design and technical demonstration
2021 Q1
  • Launch site
  • Airdrop Round 1
  • Airdrop Round 2
20122 Q1
App Better Test
  • Social media Android mobile App Launch
  • IOS App Launch
  • Apps marketing to get 5 million users
2021 Q3
Main Net
  • Staking/Masternode starts on Blockchain Mainet
  • Exchange Listing
  • Social Media Desktop version Beta Launch
2021 Q2
Major Setups
  • Blockchain smart contract, Coin Develooment, Secure wallet, TestNet & Mainet Deployment Starts
  • ICO round 1,2,3,&4
  • ICO/Airdrop coins distribution to Blockchain wallet starts
2022 Q2
More Operational
  • P2P AC internal exchange development starts
  • Country to country APP promotion
2022 Q3
Platform Promotion
  • Buy back & coin burn
  • 100 million App users promotion
2023 Q1
5 Billion Users Promotion
  • Establishing global user base of 5 billion Users
2023 Q2
Hardware things
  • Integration of third party controllers
  • Marketplace cooperative module

Executive team

The AC Crypto Team combines a passionate crypto oriented individuals, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Williams Smith

Connect on linkedin

Ashley Bamford

Available on twitter

Paul Toole
Board Advisor

Leon Joseph
Token Sale Advisor

Head of Operations and some Developer


Backend Python DEV

An experience AI based python developer


social media app director and head of operations for assetcoin

Sr.Backend developer

Asad Raza Lone
Graphic Designer

Asad is a professional graphic designer. he can do any custom work.


Financial accountant, handling and managing AC transactions

Graphic Designer

Our Partner

Frequently asked questions

We have added some questions asked by users to help you get quick answers to your questions, however if you do not find your question outlined below be kind enough to contact us via telegram or email


there are 1000000 coin( one million coins) available for purchase in the presale

you need a minimum of 1500 coins in your account to join the staking network

First, you need to be a registered member, then when you login, Look out for the BUY AC tab on your dashboard. click on it and follow the guide on the next page to buy

Minimum of 5000 AC is needed before you become a masternode

Airdrop will end once 400 million AC is Claimed by users

You can buy AC by joining presale or during ICO. to buy presale login to your account

we are using a mass adoption strategy, we aim at having 2.5million users in our airdrop, this way lots of people can know about the coin and can trade it and give it value

the coins will be used as form of payment for services in the marketplace which will be integrated in the social media app, some users can choose to lock their video using assetcoin and Viewers can unlock using AC, when unlocked video owner earns the AC

Contact Us

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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