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    Johnson Ekeleme

    To me what attracted me to Assetcoin was the word ASSET, this is because I desire to own real asset. When I look at the logo I totally surrendered my love to Assetcoin, so I quickly registered and sent some referrals as well as did some tasks.
    Some other coins I came across never got my fancy because of the names they bear. Some of them their logo would scare you. I think those who chose the name Assetcoin and the logo deserve kudos.

    Solomon Kalungi

    I have been putting a lot of money in data, and on social media , but no returns for using , but when I read through AC , I just saw an opportunity that I have been yarning for all along,, thanks alot AC,
    An opportunity of earnings while using social media, .
    Thanks AC

    abraham ben

    me too, that word asset really make sense

    Chính Bùi văn

    for those who skim through Assetcoin without registering, they will regret it later

    Chính Bùi văn

    I trust Assetcoin and their work

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