Hi, this post will show you how to get extra 100AC in addition to the 50 AC you got as a bonus when you signed up.

previously we were giving, 100 AC on sign up. but it’s 50AC now

at the end of this content i’ll show you how to get up to 200AC – 1000 AC Free.

Here we go!!!

first, you must have done the social tasks before reading this content. here are the tasks just in case you didn’t do them.

you have to do those tasks and upload them to get extra 100coins. during the process of performing the tasks please take a screenshot or screenshot of each activity.

so lets say you liked facebook page, you should take a screenshot showing that you liked the page.

STEP TWO: after you might have completed the tasks and taken your screenshots, its time to upload it so we can inspect and credit your 100AC.

click on upload icon on your dashboard.

a new window will popup, click on the camera icon and then file icon to upload your activities.

see file icon below

Then post it. after posting it, send an email to [email protected] The Email must contain your Username. just let us know that you have done your tasks.

Thats all, you will now wait for you to be credited. please it may take up to 24hours before you get credited due to high volume of request.

this will also serve as verification during the coins distribution to blockchain. if you don’t do all the tasks you will only be credited for the one you have done.

your screenshots should show exactly the task you did, example

thats what we need to see.

your instagram should Show that you are following us including our logo should show.

Do same for twitter and telegram.

if you want to get up to 200AC and above, refer your friends, once you refer 5 users your rank will upgrade and you will receive 50AC bonus, you will also get 10AC per user you refer.

NOTE: any form of referral cheating recorded on your account by our system will lead to complete ban of that account, so please share your link and don’t try to cheat by signing up users yourself.


Fill this form and request your ac after doing and uploading the tasks