Angel Investors will hold a large portion of AC and Also get 3% funds allocation from our monthly revenue generated from the social media App.

What Is an Angel Investor?

Angel investors are individuals who make investments in startups that have the potential to grow, says Bruce Langer, managing partner at EPIQ Partners in Minneapolis.

Assetcoin is about to power one of the world’s next powerful social media which is worth looking into

Who can become an Angel investor

Previously, only accredited investors, meaning individuals with more than $200,000 in annual income in the two most recent years, joint income, with a spouse, of more than $300,000 in two most recent years or at least $1 million in investable assets (excluding the primary residence) were eligible to become angel investors. Now, under Title III of the JOBS Act, nonaccredited investors or individuals whose income or assets fall below those limits can participate in angel investing through crowdfunding platforms.


How Does Angel Investing Work?

In a typical debt financing scenario, a startup borrows money that has to be repaid at some point in the future. Angel investing follows a different approach.

When an investor provides angel funding, no debt is created and there’s no money to be repaid. Instead, the investor receives an equity or ownership share in the company. The amount of equity received is different for every angel investment: The more capital that’s provided, the bigger the share may be.

There are various ways angel investors can structure their investments. we will Discuss how to be part of Assetcoin Angel investing below



Becoming an angel investor of assetcoin is very simple,  there is a total of 10 million assetcoin (AC) Allocated for angel investors.

A total of one million dollars is intended to be raised in angel investing.

If a single person invests one million dollars then he takes all the 10 million AC plus all monthly shares on dappsgram


Minimum you can use to own the angel investors package is $10,000. with $10,000 you will own 100,000 AC and a monthly 5% share in the total revenue  generated from the social media transactions.

At the end of each month, from the total revenue raised from the App, we will allocate 10% to angel investors,

so from the allocated fund, you now earn your own percentage, this means you will earn and still have your assetcoins in wallet. you can decide to sell your AC after the lockup period is over. for details about lockup refer to the white paper.

Investors with an investment of $10k – $200k will earn 10% monthly revenue allocation from the funds allocated to angel investors, this monthly revenue will continue for 5 years after which that package will expire, we believe that by then assetcoin will be worth over $100 each so this means you should have good ROI.

Investors with $250K – $500K will earn 25% monthly and investors with $550k and above will earn 40%

however, we intend to have between 1-20 angel investors only, After the package is filled up each angel investor will receive accurate monthly payment or earnings breakdown, the above is just an estimate.