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Join Assetcoin Airdrop( get free coins)

What is airdrop: An airdrop is the process of giving away a crypto asset in the initial stage to  the early users of that cryptocurrency .

We  are airdropping 400 million Ac to 2.5 million users. the airdrop will end by july but if we hit 2.5million users in a short time then airdrop will end.

Each user will earn the coins by participating in the airdrop activities. by signing up you stand to get 100 coins. the 100 coins have to be validated by the user by doing the airdrop tasks. here are the tasks

  • like our facebook page, share the page, like latest post, comment and share the post too
  • follow us on instagram
  • join the telegram group chat and be active in the group
  • follow assetcoin on twitter, like and retweet the latest tweet

after doing that, take a screen shot of all the activities and send it to admin by uploading it. Click here to see how to upload, we will check to verify that before you can get the coins on your blockchain wallet.

step two, after completing the step one, you need to be fully valid by referring just five users to Assetcoin platform. just share your link on your social media platform and ask your friends to signup, they signup and you get 100 extra coins and also become a valid member.

Fully valid members will be able to earn when they post on our social platform, i.e posting, liking and commenting etc.

we intend to give back 10% of revenue back to our community, so only valid members can benefit from this.

you can keep referring people if you like to earn extra coins, you will get 10AC for any person who signs up using your link.

any user who attempt to cheat the system by using fake emails to open multiple accounts will be automatically deleted from our database and banned.

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