Assetcoin is the first social media coin for service providers. we are making it easy for people to enjoy the power of blockchain powered social media while helping investors earn money by helping us power this technology.

we need much more team members in order to achieve our goal.

ASSETCOIN (AC) is a next-generation Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, combining Ethereum-compatible smart contracts with on-chain governance, A self funding opportunity and a layer masternode network, enabling powerful Defi applications.

We are a fully remote company with no fixed headquarters. The team is spread throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia. With more than 10 contributors, the team forms a well-linked network across a variety of locations, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

Assetcoin culture is driven by integrity, strategic thinking, leadership, and the shared desire to perform at our peak. While our differences make us adaptable and versatile, it’s our shared values that give us the strength and drive to become the cryptocurrency for world next blockchain based social media network for service providers.