Hi, thanks for being on this page. as you may know, Assetcoins is going to be the next biggest coin that powers a social media network of service providers .

currently, we are allowing users to earn coins when they refer new users.

we have ranks, first rank is Basic, second rank is share holders rank, third rank is miner, 4th rank is masterNode.

our aim is to see everyone with assetcoin of 1500 and above earn $100-$2000 above every month and that’s where your rank comes to play a role in the system or the amount of coins you have.

so for the sake of this post let me go straight to the point.

when we end this airdrop, top 50 referrers will get coins.

first person will get 10000AC

second person gets 7000AC

third person gets 5000AC

fourth person gets 3000 AC

fifth person gets 2500 AC

the remaining 45 users gets 1000AC each.

Now here is how it will be done, first when you share your link, ask those your refer to do their tasks by following us on instagram, liking our facebook page, following us on Twitter, retweeting the latest tweet and joining telegram group chat.

when that is done that user is valid in our system, we will screen to know valid referrals, if the people you refer ain’t active after screening you may be surprise to see some other person top you in this competition.

Lastly, as a referrer, you yourself must follow us on the social media channels else you will not be considered valid.