what you must do after doing the social media task for your 100 AC verification

Hi, as mentioned earlier, for you to claim the 100AC given to you during signup you need to do some tasks else we will not send them to your blockchain wallet during coins distribution. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TASKSĀ 

So here are the steps, make sure you takeĀ  screenshots of your activities, i mean all your activities, when the screenshots are ready, you login to your dashboard, once logged in, click on upload inside your dashboard, then you will see where to make a post, to upload your tasks, click on the camera icon on the post region and upload your tasks.


make sure that every thing is clear in the screenshots, make sure you screenshot what will prove you did the task, if you screenshot facebook page like, lets see clearly that you liked page .

for twitter, lets see clearly that you followed us and you retweeted our tweets.

for instagram screenshot where we will see that you followed us.

for telegram, lets see that you joined the group.

CONCLUSION: Before any coin is sent to any user based on the airdrop, we will visit to see that you did the activities and uploaded them.

if you did the tasks and don’t upload, you will not see or receive any coin in your wallet during distribution.